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PBR High Seltzer
Blessed and Highly Flavored

PBR High Seltzer has 10mg of THC per can. Not sure if you're a cannabis user or not, but take our word for it, this stuff will get you to HIGH heaven. Using angelic language and imagery, we're letting the world know PBR High Seltzer is Blessed and Highly Flavored.  🙏


We created OOH ads and placed them near churches to make sure the faithful were aware of the Good News. 😇


Copy: You don't have to go to church to get high

We also partnered with GoPuff to create a “Puff Puff Pabst” promotion. Our hub on the GoPuff menu takes you straight to a page on their app that has PBR Cannabis Seltzer, munchies, candy, and eye drops sold all in one place. Stoners rejoice!

gopuff mockup.png
gopuff phone.png

To complete the campaign, we created High Seltzer prayer candles that feature famously high celebrities like Snoop Dog.


Copy by me

AD by Amun Chaudhary

prayer candle.png
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