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Reverse The Flow is a non profit that distributes period care products to communities in need. 

The reversal of the flow of the Chicago River is regarded as one of the Engineering Marvels of the Modern World. We’re engineering our own modern revolution around menstruation by dyeing the Chicago River red as a brand stunt to raise awareness of period poverty, inequity, and to encourage ending the stigma of talking about periods.


To really get people's bloody attention, we'll have a giant maxi pad floating in the river with's logo.

Chicago River green-1-2 (2).jpg

We'll have headlines and period poverty facts stenciled on Chicago's Riverwalk to raise awareness for's mission.


Close up of Chicago Riverwalk copy.


We also created OOH ads and placed them around the Chicago downtown area near where the river was dyed for additional awareness about how helps people experiencing period poverty.

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 8.00.07 PM.png

To round out the campaign, we drew inspiration from Little Free Libraries to create a bright red "Pay it Floward" box for communities in need. Menstruators can  take the products they need for free, or leave any extra products they have for someone who may need them in the future.

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